Haena Beach

Ha'ena Beach is one of the most scenic and least-visited beaches in lower Puna: a small but beautiful white sand crescent in a coastline mostly dominated by harsh lava cliffs. A 3-4 hour journey through the solitude of one of the wildest coasts left in East Hawaii.

Pu’u Huluhulu (Saddle Road)

Pu’u Huluhulu is a kipuka, a mall patch of forest isolated by lava flows. Kipuka are islands within an island, tiny worlds unto themselves. The ancient, tree-covered cinder cone, one of the most distant bastions of Mauna Kea’s inland flank, is surrounded by more recent Mauna Loa lava flows, only a few dozen yards from the intersection of Saddle Road and Mauna Kea Observatory Road.

Hiking in Pele’s Realm – The Crater Rim Trail

Kilauea Caldera, from many of its overlooks, seems to be a vast place. Reasonably fit visitors who don’t have asthma or heart problems can circle the crater at a walk, via the Crater Rim Trail, in five to eight hours. Few trails can reward hikers with as much diversity in a few hours as does the Crater Rim Trail: Steam vents, Halema’uma’u, the Ka’u Desert, the rainforest, Thurston Lava Tube, ash falls, Kilauea Iki, the caldera ledges, etc.